Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Second Poll: Which is the bigger threat to the global economy? Deflation or Inflation?

For the second poll on this blog, I posed the following question to you readers: "Which is the the bigger threat to the global economy?" The options were (1) deflation and (2) inflation.

148 people voted.

The results were as follows ...

Deflation: 56 votes (37%)
Inflation: 92 (62%)

Its clear that a majority of my readers believe that inflation is currently the biggest threat to the global economy. Yet, a sizable number of readers (nearly 40%) thought deflation was the biggest threat. I'm glad to see that kind of diversity of opinion among my readers. My take? I'm still undecided. I know that sounds like a "cop-out" but its the truth, I see both inflationary pressure and deflationary pressure working on the economy right now. That's one of the reasons why I'm committed to continue covering this topic in the future.

If you voted in this poll (or even if you didn't) feel free to use the comments section attached to this thread to defend your opinion or your take on this question.


For my next poll question I've decided to ask about the plan for nationalized healthcare in the U.S. Please vote!

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