Saturday, October 3, 2009

Third Poll Results - Healthcare

The third poll on my blog has ended.

The question I posed was: Do you support healthcare reform in the U.S.?

The results were:

1. Yes, I support instituting a universal healthcare system: 3 votes (3%)
2. Yes, with a public option: 8 votes (8%)
3. Yes, but without a public option: 5 votes (5%)
4. No, not at all. It would cost too much: 3 votes (3%)
5. No, not at all. The government is too inefficient: 15 votes (16%)
6. No, not at all. I don't trust President Obama: 14 votes (15%)
7. No, not at all. I don't trust government, period: 43 votes (47%)
8. Undecided: 0 votes (o%)
9. Other: 0 votes (0%)

91 people voted in total.

According to my own calculations, that means 16 votes (17.6%) were in favor of healthcare reform in some form and 75 votes (82.4%) were against it.

I was surprised to see that not that many people were against healthcare reform because of financial or cost-related issues. Most were against it because they didn't trust the government and/or President Obama or because they thought the government would be too inefficient in administering healthcare.

I'll put up a new poll soon, make sure to vote.

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