Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Result of First Poll

For my first poll on this blog, I asked the question "When do you think the current recession will end?"

The results were:

2010: 2 votes (33%)
2011: 0 votes (0%)
2012: 0 votes (0%)
2013: 0 votes (0%)
After 2013: 4 votes (66%)

As you can see, very few readers voted in the poll. Oh well. Not surprisingly though, 66% of those that did took a very bear-ish position and predict an extremely protracted recession (well, at that point it would be a Depression) lasting beyond 2013. A little bit more surprisingly, 33% of voters were quite optimistic that the recession would end next year. No one took any middle ground. Quite interesting and only time will tell at this point.

I'll try and have a new poll up soon ...

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